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Insurance CRM

Insurance CRM
GDPR came into effect on the 25th May 2018, all companies need to establish their own processes to ensure compliance with the provisions of GDPR.
Is your CRM GDPR compliance? Can your Customer Centre demonstrate that it has consent from their data subjects to hold their data and that purpose and use of the data is clear to the data subject and they have agreed for it to be retained. This is a serious issue and non-compliance can result in a fine of up to 4% of the companies turnover.
Your business needs to establish processes to ensure compliance with the provisions of GDPR.
Your customer records should demonstrate:
  • Who consented
  • When they consented
  • What information was supplied at the time
  • How they consented
  • Where the individual can review the company privacy policy
  • Where and how to withdraw consent
Your Data, Communication and Product Compliance just got a lot easier!
Compliantly manage new sales leads, Improve communication and increase customer retention. Our platform easily records your customer details, noting their consent and the purpose of retaining the data. Additionally, the system notes how the customer wishes to communicate; via text, email, telephone or direct mail. Building data consent into your sales process is now a legal requirement under GDPR.

A complete history is automatically maintained thereby ensuring a complete and effective audit trail. Additionally management controls of data held can help you avoid data breaches, by organising how data is accessed among your team and at what level.
Our platform enables you to generate Quotations, register Policies, take online payments or generate funding schedules and communicate and provide information to potential customers and existing customers in a compliant process. Customer contact for sales, support and marketing is all handled in a compliant manner.
Your process managers can add and configure Insured/Obligor Warranties, GAP Products and Roadside Assistance products and create effective rates and parameters and assign Cover Schedule/Quotation Templates to generate appropriate Quotes.
Training Solutions for your Staff
We provide online learning modules to ensure you can add these essential compliance features to your sales process. We can help train your entire staff about GDPR and possible consequential data processing changes that your business must undergo to avoid serious non-compliance penalties. Our specially designed GDPR Training platform can help your staff Learn practical skills to work smarter and keep pace with technology with content from top industry experts.
With individual access, study material & assessments reports you can monitor and analyse the performance and progress of your staff at all the times.
Submit us an Enquiry to help us deliver the best solution for your software or training needs.