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Dealer DriveAway

Technology required to operate in the Retail Motor unregulated and General Insurance market
Dealer DriveAway is a Motoring product and General Insurance products and technology provider for retailers , brokers , aftersales services, product suppliers and the general insurance product specialising in the motor retail sector.
The company has two key areas of expertise, firstly the ability to provide a concept to delivery solution for warranty, gap and assistance products at the point of sale after sales market with a unique dealer payment and finance application process both in the unregulated and regulated finance market.
The second expertise is a complete understanding of how products can be administered in both the unregulated and regulated channels including and training implementation training.
The systems are all cloud based technology with the retail administration / sales, account management claim and customer look up functions accessible via a unique contact centre module.
This secure platform can provide customer support for both inbound and outbound calls, for up selling or cross selling programmes and the administration of customer registrations or payments.
There are a full range of real time reporting and call recording functions, which are supported by a selection reports, available on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, giving total insight and control over all customer interaction.
Over the last four years the platform has evolved from a single retail administration / support platform for motor retailers, to a platform that supports five specific retail sales channels.
  • Motor Retail product registration / payment portal
  • Call centre support / registration / inbound /outbound platform
  • Head office retailer set up and control panel
  • Customer support and Claims look up modules
  • Leasing company product sales / support / web sites
  • Affinity / media portals
  • Direct to public product sales sites
The Market Visibility Ltd product websites can operate as unregulated or regulated registration and product portals under the FCA permissions of the contracting client
Our technology provides an administration and registration of retail product sales of unregulated and regulated products. Over the last five years we have developed a new Administration and sales platform for the next generation of retail and call centre sales platforms, incorporating a FCA level of compliance for the distribution for all general insurance products. This is the third generation of this development, the previous being the RAC Warranty programme, the second the Global Insurance (AXA) the original platform began in 2001.
The system operates on a virtual basis (cloud) and therefore is very flexible and customer centric. The platform as with similar platforms has three main working areas,
  • The retail or agent portals that allow the quotation and administration of products.
  • The second is the head office function that allows control over the specific rate structures, terms and conditions, letters and access authority to agents and retailers.
  • The third is the call centre or sales centre platform that makes all input from retailer /agents or bulk data instantly visible and available.
The system has been developed with a cross section of business feeds. The first of which is the used car warranty / Guarantee market. Since regulation more than 60 % of the used market has effectively opted out of regulation and moved to the dealer guarantee model.
The platform has a unique product that offers either a standard extended warranty for 6, 12 ,24 months or an upgraded 3 months policy sold at cost to the dealer but linked to a registration via the call centre to enable up/ cross sell at the point of delivery and renewal.
The Head office assigns rates to dealers from a rating matrix as each individual dealer is created and made live.
Behind all such systems there are basic product rates and wordings there are simple upload areas to ensure that controlled and branded documents are assigned to clients in a controlled mechanism.
All data is fed directly to automated campaigns in our call centre / dialler platform. From this platform an agent can act as a client support role or an inbound/ outbound sales function.
A Key features of the platform is a customer look up and quotation function that uses a unique product selection process that enables a very flexible movement between products in a compliant process that matches all possible products in one view. This feature increases potential sales substantially and dramatically shortens the number of campaigns required to offer all appropriate products at the point of contact.