Call Centre Virtual Services

A New type of Flexible Contact Platform for Sales and Customer Support Services phone platform

Our simple to use screens allow you and your employees or outsourced callers to work via the telephone how, when and where you want. As the system does not require any special telephone lines and will work with any broadband connection you are not tied to any particular location to access all of the platform features .Whether you use a business desk computer or a home or mobile device, you are always "in the office".

Market Visibility releases you from the restrictions of being tied to a fixed location to conduct customer contact campaigns. You can then choose to share additional tasks with outsourced call centres if the volume of calls reach your staff service limits without a loss in quality.

Your operators or staff simply log in to an internet browser via broadband connection and then instantly connect to the system.
  • People working from home can be members of ring groups or incoming call queues.
  • Data and campaigns are simple to set up and operate.
  • You can see all activity in real time reporting.
  • Call recording is active on all calls regardless of location.
  • All assigned staff can use the system from any location at the same time.
  • Telephone call charges are centrally managed and usage reports are easily accessed.
  • Individual clients can be directed to home workers using their specific logins.