Call Centre Options

Our Range of Business Campaign Telephone solutions

Virtual Call Answering Service

Media Campaign calls and Customer Service calls require the flexibility that modern consumers expect. Our lines are available to your time periods or 24 hrs a day if required we can be available almost every day of the year. Your advertising is therefore always live as we are able to take sales orders at any time of day or night; we support your response when it is convenient for your customers and when they are most comfortable and prepared to buy.

Options include

  • Short term 0800/0845 numbers available
  • You chose internal or external agents or a mixture to engage with calls
  • Totally Flexible internet or local login
  • Fully scalable number of connections for platform user
  • Inbound / outbound Multimedia response software
  • Brochure / letter fulfilment
  • Integrates with your own CRM systems and outside agencies
  • Complete advertising to purchase solution
Either your office or home based operators or our Product champions in support centres will follow your agreed scripts and tasks. Having been fully trained on your products and services and assisted by our service lead customer platform, orders are processed and sales leads taken in a consistent fashion. If the task is an over spill yourself during busy periods, seasonal highs or in times of staff shortage the common interface ensures complete management and activity reports.
From a simple outbound sales campaign through to a full Media Campaign the Platform allows the customer to start from a simple support / sales call for existing customers to a complex media campaign. We can advise on all types of connection be it from simple internet landing pages, new web sites text and e mail campaigns through to media companies or social media networks.
Simple and effective telephony, using the latest advances in cloud based technology we have a truly flexible and scalable business communications for business at competitive prices all accessed through your pc browser. The choice of telephone numbers and locations means that each sales campaign can rapidly be scaled to increase operators and functions.
Our experienced team of web designers can generate marketing ideas, either adopting your corporate design or creating new campaign themes. Product or campaign Internet landing pages, web sites and just Simple flyers come together to pull potential customers to your products. We are happy to ensure that the customer journey flow is simple and enjoyable and effective.
Campaigns can now be tracked from either the e mail or flyer using reference tags from inquiry to sale. The customer who responds to an advertisement o r e mail can be identified as having responded from a specific web site page visit. Web site landing pages for sales or specific tasks such as customer contact areas can attach to a client’s existing web site.
The combined marketing strategy can also match a theme but be relayed to a customer on their e mail or mobile device. Although talking with the customer on either an inbound or outbound call. Around twenty per cent of customers prefer not to disclose an e mail address, so a letter fulfilment and text fulfilment is a vital support feature of the platform.
Well managed campaigns will increase Business and ROI
  • Increase your overall customer connectivity
  • Interactive / compliant scripts & call flows
  • Maximise transactions value ,people connecting with real people
  • Creating Up sell and cross selling opportunities
  • Integration with your payment portals & shopping carts
  • Website, telephone and fulfilment reporting interaction

Live telephone interactions

Accessed through any pc browser your management team can set out a range of call campaigns for existing or new sales channels within the platform. This really is the simple control that makes multi user sales campaigns easy to use and manage.

Data is either uploaded using a simple secure upload function from your pc or a data file e mailed to our support team. The system is capable of automating campaigns on receipt of new data or a Manager / supervisor can create new campaigns at will and allocate people and tasks.

Initially all uploaded data is held in a reservoir that can be accessed by a supervisor to pull through manageable quantities to live campaigns. The standard Operator sees a reduced number of options that allow inbound and outbound access to campaigns that they have been granted access too.

Managers enjoy a complete suite of real time reporting for campaigns that capture activity in key areas of work, for each campaign it is possible to see by individual or all
  • All available customers in all campaigns
  • All activity by campaign
    • All open outcomes
    • E.G. No Answers
    • Call back requests
    • Quotes
  • All Closed outcomes
    • E.G. Sales
    • No Sale
    • Invalid Data
    • Request Stop
    • Call limit reached
  • Individual / All operator calls
    • Number of calls made , Sales ,Quotes
    • Number of information packs sent
    • Data used
    • Appointments made