Call Centre Management

For most companies coordinating customer contacts is one of the biggest challenges, often working from spread sheets, with scripts and customers at different points of contact with different members of a team requires without specialist software a lot effort. Even if achievable the return on investment and time can often leave companies frustrated.

The Market Visibility platform makes the whole task Simple and achievable with instant feedback to users.

The System is accesses via the internet and therefore does not conflict with existing office systems or software. Each task has a very simple on line guide and many of the tasks of running campaigns, receiving in bound calls or making outbound calls is documented in easy to follow guides.

The portal can be white labelled to represent a company design. All information sent via the platform can carry the individual user’s identity, and addition documents can be attached and produced in a PDF or chosen format.

All calls can be recorded and outcomes reported. The system is a flexible approach to advertising campaigns or simple sales team customer contact programmes.

Platform manuals describe the complete process flow from loading customer data through to Inbound Customers Search and reporting. The flow is explained with the help of various screen shots.

Within the manuals screen shots, on the right side of every page a panel is designed which is used to switch from one section to another easily and instantly.

The user of the application can login either as a manager or as an operator by providing their respective usernames and passwords, reports can be produced at any time and daily Management dashboards e-mailed to selected addresses.

Both distance and onsite training learning is available plus technical support is available via our support team with dedicated account managers.