Lead & Sales Management

All inbound / outbound connections from home, work or support Centre are displayed in easy to use Management reporting suites Call campaigns are simple to manage with data simply being loaded to the platform from a desk browser through a secure portal. Actions from calls or requests from customers can be emailed, posted in bespoke formats or transferred to data base using real time xml feeds or set data transfer routines.

Sales managers or campaign leaders can monitor and supervise all elements of staff responding to inbound or outbound calls. The daily dashboard report gives the options to target specific areas such as number of calls made, quotations, sales and information requested or dispatched.

The platform provides a very customer focused experience for the caller, once the details are delivered to the screen the data collected can be tailored for specific campaigns. The customer can then be presented with a complete range of product choices with the ability to quote, discount to agreed limits and sell.

Existing products that the customers have are displayed on a pop up panel and notes from the call and previous notes can be displayed.

All information provided to the customer from the system can carry bespoke branding and is produced in a locked PDF format. Letters, brochures and general product information is tracked by call outcome and can additionally be dispatched by post.